Spinatra.com – online and mobile casino with free spins bonus! Bitcoins OK!

Spinatra.com - online and mobile casino with free spins bonus! Bitcoins OK!

Spinatra Casino to Play Online and Mobile!

Intro to Spinatra.com!

With the ubiquitous rise of the internet, modern lives have found quite a few avenues to accomplish their daily goals and desires through this particular medium. Major industries have changed the way their products are made available to the general public, and, more often than not, we can find almost everything that is required somewhere on the internet. As a result, people can get their needs and services without requiring to venture under the sun.

The Internet has also totally changed the way people used to spend their time in leisure or other past time activities. With the rise of personalized PCs and laptops, the software gaming industry has risen to become a cultural force to be reckoned with. With the arrival of the internet, the gaming giants have gotten another lucrative pathway to success. This is online gaming, and for the past several years the popularity of online gaming has seen no possible downturn. This predicament has also allowed many businesses belonging to the casino industry to shift its priorities from expensive hotels and decadent gambling floors to the largely sterile and anonymous circles of the online gaming community. When talking about an industry as controversial and shady as the casino industry, it is not a wonder that all those unsavoury elements appear in tow with everything. This has led to many instances where an online player has been totally ripped off by some shady online gambling forum or something like that. Players, who truly appreciate and take part in gambling activities, need to have a secure and an interesting forum with a large gallery of gaming titles and a guarantee of fair play.

Spinatra.com is one such online forum that we have had the privilege to research thoroughly. The entire home page is beautifully laid out, and a huge number of gaming titles are easily available. We have conducted an in-depth review of Spinatra and our findings have pleasantly surprised us. These are some of the main points we have been able to look upon and the users may find it quite helpful.

Spinatra General Information

Spinatra.com, as a brand name, is owned by Hightown Solutions B. V., which is registered under the laws of Curacao and it’s a wholly owned subsidiary. Its license number is N. V. #365/JAZ. The website is designed and made in a very professional manner and has a clean vibe to it. The front page is designed in such a way as to be crystal clear for players belonging to any economic or cultural demographic. Following a first time two-step process, a user can get himself/ herself easily registered without having to enter any card details. Such details are necessary when a user starts to actually play for profits. There are many variations of casino and slot gaming titles which we will look into in detail during the following parts of this review.

Spinatra Bonuses and Promotions:

After getting oneself completely registered, every user is provided with “quick bonuses” at the top-left corner of the front page. These bonuses are completely available to first time users after they submit a requested security amount upon requesting on behalf of Spinatra. However, any user cannot cash out his “quick bonuses” as they are only available for gaming usage. If a user can win by utilising these bonuses, he/ she can easily cash his winnings and the bonuses are removed. The user should always be completely intimated with the Terms & Condition or Policy of this particular site in order to completely understand how he/ she can utilise the rules in favour and, also, to fully understand so as not to cause any infraction or violation of policy. For instance, there is a rule in the terms and conditions of Spinatra that states that if a person wins with bonuses he/she is not eligible for, his entire winnings are forfeited by the site and their deposit amount is promptly returned to the user.

  • 1st deposit bonus – 150% up to €333 plus 22 free spins – bonus code: SPINF150;
  • 2nd deposit bonus – 50% up to €333 plus 44 free spins – bonus code: SPINS50;
  • 3rd deposit bonus – 50% up to €333 plus 44 free spins – bonus code: SPINT50.

Spinatra Casino free bonus pack and free spins

Spinatra Games and Software:

Spinatra.com has a rich collection of interesting gaming titles and slot games that can trap the attention span of a user for a considerable amount of time. Divided into categories, all of these games are easily available to the user. The games can be accessed through any smart device. The mobile user interface is highly popular to use due to its intuitive and convenience factor. Tiger Claw, Beowulf, European Roulette, Multihand Blackjack, Joker Poker etc. Are some of the titles which are supported by a strong team of iGaming providers like CHIPPY software, RedRake games, etc. Thus, it is no wonder that this online forum has created such buzz within the gambling circles and also among the general public.

Spinatra Payments, Safety & Security:

One of the most important factors of any website is to provide with the very best security service so as not to deal with any external or internal attacks that may lead to the loss of some invaluable data. Spinatra’s security is backed by COMODO SSL certificate. There are a wide range of payment options, and you can deposit your contributions or receive payment for your winnings via VISA, Master Card or Bank Transfer via SKRILL or NETELLER. The user can also securely login to their SKRILL or NETELLER accounts through Spinatra.com. The process of payments is guaranteed to be safe and secure, and the user may receive the money he has earned in just 2-3 days.

Spinatra Support:

When talking about customer or client support, Spinatra.com really stands out in this particular respect from other gambling and betting sites. Boasting a respectful, interactive and really helpful service that works round the clock 24/7, the user can reach out either by a toll free number, email or a detailed form that is available on the site.


Spinatra.com, ultimately, is a one of the top tier online forums of its kind with a very interesting and smooth running pace. The user guidelines are always available so that the users can familiarize themselves with the rules before playing. With a large number of casino and slot titles available all under a single banner, Spinatra sure is leading the way in this industry.

Spinatra.com Review

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