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Calling Jupiter Club Casino a “jewel” is a bold move, 'cause all that glitters is not gold. But with a gem like this, you can ignore the fool’s gold out there. From chill to off the hook, it doesn't get more happenin' than Jupiter Club Casino. With plenty of chance to start or end your night or day in winning style. Let me be blunt: It’s utterly ridiculous how cool this place is. It’s literally what your friends think of when you tell them you were partying in Vegas.

Jupiter Club Casino Review 

Las Vegas casinos are famous around the world, and over the years each casino has developed its own ambience and selection of games, so finding a casino you enjoy might require some sampling to get a feel for what you like. Online Casinos are no different. And that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this review on Jupiter Club Casino. Because it deserves the spotlight and if I do the sampling, you can go a try it out without any reservations.

Jupiter Club Casino enjoys a reputation as a hip and popular hang-out. It's every bit as lively as you choose it to be with its mash-up of off-the-Strip value and a hip, gaming-infused vibe. The casino successfully reflects this combination with a solid array of online games, which I’ll discuss in detail a bit later, but suffice it to say that it’s got every kind of casino game you could possibly want to play, as well as some uniquely developed mini-games that you won’t find anywhere else, always specific to the theme of a promotion. The great thing about these mini-games are that they guarantee wins as their sole purpose is to give the Player a gift of some sort.

Now – don’t expect a bedazzled look from Jupiter Club Casino. Their signature mirror ball creates a lot of sparkle, and there’s loads of glitz and glamour, but Liberace-bling it aint.

If you love the party-scene and have a penchant for electronic anthems, you’ll feel right at home at Jupiter Club Casino, but that is not the criteria that make or breaks this edgy brand. It’s the fact that when you register an account at Jupiter Club, it’s like having an all-access pass to the best that Vegas has to offer – and you choose which part of it you want to enjoy. Oh – and of course, one seldom mentioned advantage for those that care: Being an online casino, Jupiter Club is Smoking or Non-Smoking whichever you prefer.

Jupiter Club Casino Promotions

There is no greater gift for a gambling guru than getting bonuses and spins to stretch your dollar. Jupiter Club Casino is generous. And with generous, I mean up to $5,000 per week generous, and that’s just adding up the regular daily bonuses. Listen, I played for three straight hours after I made a deposit of $120 – purely because (a) the bonuses stretched my money and therefore playtime, and (b) the games are incredibly liberal in offering wins and features.

When you register your account, Jupiter Club Casino instantly doubles your deposit up to $1,000. (That’s a 100% Bonus on the Code: 1JCC100P). Plus, new customers get 35 exclusive free spins – no deposit bonus code! Play now and win real money at our expense!

Lady Luck was on my side, because when I registered and took up the New Player Bonus, it was whilst they were having their Super Pass II Promotion, which gives Players free money to unlock a brand new game every day for 21 days in a row. It totally bowled me over. I mean, there I was, a newbie, and they kept “throwing” free money at me. I’ve never, ever, come across anything like that. And the Super Pass promotion is utterly sick in that it’s such a unique way to launch new games. You’ve got to check it out. It doesn’t matter if you join in the middle of the promo – simply fall in and enjoy.

Plus, I believe there are more Super Pass Promotions to come, so frankly, I think it’s going to be a new game slash-free money fest for the next couple of months. I don’t know about you, but for me, that makes a very clear statement: Jupiter Club is actually invested in not only providing stellar entertainment, thrills and multiple ways to win, they are truly actively working on generating platforms and promotions that favors the Player.

Something worth mentioning: The actual New Player Bonus Page is awesome to use. Not only do you have access from a single page to all the relevant places you need to go, they also list their most recent and popular games right there, and you simply click to play them. Very user-friendly.

Register Your Account Now 

To claim any of their very generous bonuses is easy:

  • Register an Account at Jupiter Club & Login to the Casino with your email address
  • Go to DEPOSIT (it’s the same as the Cashier & you’ll find the tab is in the top bar) & make your deposit
  • Then click on BONUS & enter the Code
  • Click Claim & Play

To claim any free spins or free money, follow the same procedure and also go to the Cashier or Deposit tab. Once on that page, you click on BONUS instead of making a deposit, and then enter the code.

Jupiter Club Casino also has a very comprehensive privacy policy where I was assured that they do things the right way. For those that want, feel free to read through it.

Jupiter Club Casino Games

With a solid selection of online games that include the best from Saucify Software and Rival Powered, Jupiter Club Casino has sent out a press release to say that they plan on adding games from other vendors in the very near future, with the focus on creating diversity.

Choice is the ultimate luxury, and although you’re already spoilt for it with the selection of video slots, classic slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, progressive jackpots, scratch cards, keno, and other games, this is an exciting prospect since new game releases equal giveaways for all those with an account. Experiencing the Super Pass II Promotion, all I can do is urge you to join Jupiter Club Casino. It’s so worth it.

I recently got asked this question and thought it actually a good idea to include this in the review. What is my favorite game at Jupiter Club Casino? It’s not an easy answer, as it depends on mood and frame of mind, but I’ve got to say that the retro-feel of their BigFroot slot keeps me going back. It sort of reminds me of “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders”, all those amazing 8-bit games from my childhood that allowed for hours of entertainment.

If you’re of the same era, maybe you’ll find the nostalgia alluring too. It also helps that a very decent slot. Whatever tickles your fancy, I want to assure that you’ll find something you love that’ll become a firm favorite. For me, some slots fill a gap when I’m nostalgic (like Big Froot), some I play when I miss someone (or something) and others fuel my adrenalin. Jupiter Club Casino has something for every taste, every mood and every pocket size.

I can only divulge the current crowd-pleaser (you see, I actually do my homework…). On the front of the slot, the top, top performer of all time is … wait for it … Big Game. Players still login, deposit and play this perennial favorite in droves on a daily basis. Big Game, by the way, is very “Lion King” in look and feel, right down to the cheeky Meerkat, and was developed by Saucify.

The top choice of the Rival slots are neck-in-neck between 2 slots. Cleopatra’s Coins is the frontrunner with Johnny Jungle very hot on her heels.

Exclusive Offer with No Deposit Bonus

Banking, Safety and Security

All major credit & debit cards, as well as payment solutions like e-wallets and bitcoin, are available.

Jupiter Club Casino's security is excellent and their state-of-the-art encryption and procedures impressed me.

I am not one of those people that trust easily when making any purchase online – and I’m not only saying this in reference to online casinos, therefore this is an area that I spend time on scrutinizing.

I know that once you’ve registered an account, you want to get to depositing and playing, but you’ll be so relaxed once the 1st step is out of the way because you can then proceed without hindrance or worry to make the most of this uber-cool online casino.

Jupiter Club Casino Support

It is expected that an online casino offers 24-hour support, 365 days a year, and of course, Jupiter Club Casino is no different. I was impressed by how quickly they came to know me, and the friendly, yet professional manner in which we went through all the necessary. I then proceeded to contact them via all possible communication channels (email, live chat, and toll-free phone), and got a fast and friendly response every time.

I’ve got to mention the “Contact Us” page on their site, not because it makes any difference to the quality of support they provide, but because it speaks to the wonderful sense of humor combined with a strong sense of assurance that they will look after you – no matter what.

In their own words: Get in touch and be amazed:


It’s not often that I stick around after I’ve checked out an online casino for a review. My job, after all, is to test and move on, but I’ve got to be honest, Jupiter Club Casino is now in my top 5 of favorites and I’ll definitely be going back. Some of the aspects I found to be convenient, is the way their promotions are laid out. A simple scroll and you have an overview of what’s happening.

I also enjoyed the fact that they realize they’re dealing with real people and not a faceless entity, and therefore the humor that creeps in every now and then makes it a fun experience, whilst they’re serious about giving you as many opportunities as possible to win. Do yourself a favor and check it out. My bet is you’ll like it and eventually love it if you stick around for a bit.

Jupiter Casino Free Spins

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