CasinoFair [register & login] 20,000 FUN games free bonus

CasinoFair [register & login] 20,000 FUN games free bonus

CasinoFair 500 FUN and 0.005 ETH no deposit required!

Although the online gambling industry appears to be congested, new ideas seem to be flowing. Casinos are getting established from all corners presenting new amazing ideas and experiences with the wow factor. With that said, the year 2018 has been a great one t the online gambling fanatics as they witnessed an increased number of unique casino sites being established. Although this means tight competitions within the online gambling sites, the gamers get to enjoy more offers as well as better services. Among the newly established, we couldn’t be more excited in presenting a detailed review addressing CasinoFair gambling platform.

About the Casino

CasinoFair is a newly established platform has gone live in 2019. It was established in 2018 under the management of TTM BV. The CasinoFair offices are based in Curacao and their headquarters is in London, UK. The casino software is provided by Fate Channels, a pioneer in blockchain technology. The entire platform of CasinoFair is based on Blockchain technology hence becoming the first gambling environment of that nature. It is regarded as one of the most innovative as well as secure gambling platform in the industry. It is the first casino site to launch while based on Blockchain technology. The site also has got modern features such as the use of cryptocurrency when placing bets.

With their slogan emphasizing on fairness, CasinoFair has got the best interpretation of the word “fair” in the industry of gambling. Gamers do not have to struggle with depositing or withdrawing their funds as they are entirely in control of their wallets. Moreover, games load fast and the platform is very responsive.

CasinoFair’s Bonuses & Promotions

In this department, CasinoFair is still lacking. That can be forgiven considering that the casino is still new and most of the gambling site that offer massive bonuses, they do so with ridiculous conditions. With that said, CasinoFair does have a bonus offer to newcomers. The casino offers new gamers a lucrative 20 000 FUN token deal upon completing their registration. If you are wondering, FUN token is the CasinoFair’s accepted cryptocurrency together with the Ethereum and get be obtained for the crypto exchange market. The casino is yet to add more bonus as well as promotional offers thus we advise gamers to keep checking the casino’s social media accounts for any promotional news. Register and Play Now!

CasinoFair’s Games & Software

With blockchain technology making the headlines upon the launch of this casino, one could barely imagine the quality of games that the casino was going to present to its gamers. Well, CasinoFair did not disappoint in that department. The games available are of high-quality and produce amazing sound effects.

The gaming catalogue is relatively short which can be understandable since the casino is operating on new technology. Thus, it makes sense for the casino to continue adding new games as the time goes by which is what they have been doing so far. With that said, although the catalogue is short, variety is surprisingly not an issue. Different types of gamers from slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, as well as dice lovers to mention a few get to enjoy their time at CasinoFair as they will find a game waiting for them.

Although the casino platform is based on a new system, gaming experience is not complicated, just enhanced to provide a better experience for both new and veteran gamblers.

Best Features

CasinoFair has got amazing features starting with its platform that is entirely based on Blockchain technology. The casino presents a unique environment that has got innovative features that include:

  • No deposit or withdrawal logs
  • Fast-loading games as well as a responsive platform
  • Smart contract-based transaction
  • Quick, safe and secure execution of transactions
  • Blockchain-based technology

The above highlight the few of the many features that the casino has to present in order to channel an exciting gambling experience to new and veteran gambling fanatics. CasinoFair presents an amazing structure when it comes to handling finances which sees the casino having 0 (zero) percent control over the gamblers’ funds. This means that all winnings of the gambler are automatically posted to their respective wallets without having to lunch a withdrawal.

Payment Methods

To judge the quality of CasinoFair payment methods based on quantity would not be fair. Take into consideration that this is an entirely cryptocurrency-based gambling platform. With that said, the casino only accepts FUN tokens and Ethereum. ETH is one of the most reputable if not steady cryptos out there. With the cryptocurrency market being labeled as the most volatile, the casino protects its gamers by accepting the most steady and reputable cryptos on their platforms. The payment method compatible with this casino site is MetaMask wallet. The casino, as well as the wallet providers, give precise instructions on how to install and set up the wallet. Note that only the gambler will have access to the respective wallet and they can gamble directly from it. This is a great feature as it eliminates the withdrawal and deposit struggles.

Support Service

The support team is very responsive at CasinoFair and attends to queries within a short period. Agents at CasinoFair are well-trained and possess full knowledge concerning the anatomy of the casino. Their depth in knowledge helps the casino to stay on top of things and not keep gamers in long queues while waiting for assistance. You can be in touch with CasinoFair representatives via email, social media, or live chat.


CasinoFair brings a fresh breath of gambling experience in the gambling industry. With the implementation of Blockchain technology, the casino has managed to be the pioneer of revolutionary gambling experience. The new technology provides stability as well as answers to the questions that have been previously raised concerning the safety of the gambling industry. Looking to try your hand in a Blockchain backed casino? Then CasinoFair deserves your time and attention, you can make your own conclusion after a first-hand experience.

CasinoFair no deposit bonus

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